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Tutoring 102


Tutoring Animated


It is and for an american tutoring company, but I thought it is really nice an shows a fun way what tutoring can be like. Enjoy it! 🙂

Tutoring definition


According to Collins Dictionary tutoring is “remedial or additional teaching, designed to help people who need extra help with their studies”

Though this definition covers the general meaning of tutoring, in my experience, teaching and tutoring must stand on a heart-felt care for the student. The tutor’s genuine care makes all the difference.

No teacher or tutor can pour knowledge into a student’s ‘head’. The teaching-learning process cannot be forced but enabled. The enabling can only happen on the firm foundation of mutual understanding, rapport, relating, compassion and genuine caring for thestudent’s well-being and development.

People, children in particular, should not be treated as ‘learning machines’. We all have a key to our unique learning channel or style and a tutor’s main job is to find this key and hand it to its rightful owner. The main difference between a classroom setting and a tutoring setting is the personal attention that must be used wisely and to the benefit of the student with the utmost care.

SEN Tutoring


Between 2009-2011, I tutored a multiple-SEN, 15-18 year-old student in English, media studies, environmental studies and art+design. He suffered from severe dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD enhanced with low self-esteem and a lack of general interest in education all together. I helped him with his homework, essays, project work, and exams preparations. We spent the afternoons together finding out what works for him and he genuinely likes. His attitude towards studying changed and his grades improved so much that after his A-levels he went to study horticulture at university.














I love working with and being around children. I find it easy to relate to them and discover their inherent beauty and uniqueness.


My Philosophy

I believe in active learning, so I create an active educational environment and offer tutoring services tailored to specific needs.

I especially like working with children who are not doing well in their studies. I find it a creative challenge to work with those who lack either the interest or the motivation to do better and reach their potential.

There is always a way! 🙂


I recognize that every student’s needs are different, which is the reason I customize my tutoring to be as unique as your child, helping him or her attain valuable skills while making learning an enjoyable experience. I create a learning environment that is versatile, creative, interactive and supportive.

I focus on the personal and motivational side of tutoring. I find it very important to make the material available to the child so he/she can comprehend it and retain it in his/her own special way. It is essential for me to understand what the child’s best learning style is and how to support his/her development focusing on that.

I intend to develop your child’s cognitive skills and abilities rather than solely focusing on his/her academic achievement.


And above all,

I believe that education can be fun

and we can have oodles of it!


Read more about TUTORING SEN STUDENTS here.

A bug’s Life


We are creating  comics-like sequences of the events in the life of Flick, the crazy inventor ant who, by mistake, drops the food collected for the grasshoppers into the river and must find courageous bugs to protect the ant colony. He ends up with a group of circus bugs who, against all odds, become the most courageous of all and he, himself, finds his bravery when faced with danger and love.

IMG_8085IMG_8085 IMG_8119 IMG_8120 IMG_8121 IMG_8122 IMG_8123

Fejleszd az angolodat!



Angol órák Skype-on

Ha, szeretnél feljebb lépni a ranglétrán, egy jobb állást szerezni, vagy iskolába járni, és angol nyelven tanulni, akkor érdemes fejlesztened az angolodat.

Ha egyetemre vagy főiskolára készülsz, free-writing és essay írásban is tudok segíteni.

Rugalmas időbeosztással, kényelmes és/vagy megszokott környezetben tanulhatsz az internet segítségével.

Az angol nyelv tanulása lehet élvezetes is!


Nem rendszeresen tanulóknak – fél-órás óra £8 font, egy 6o perces óra £15 font, másfél-órás óra £20 font

Rendszeres tanulóknak – fél-órás óra £6 font, egy 6o perc-es óra £11 font, másfél-órás óra £16 font

(Figyelem, ezekhez az árakhoz, legalább hetente kétszer egy órányi vagy egyszer két órányi angol órát kell venni.) Csoportos órákat is vállalok, maximum 4 fővel. Árakkal kapcsolatban, légyszíves, érdeklődj a megadott elérhetőségen.

Fizetés Paypal- on keresztül, vagy egy angol számlára történő befizetéssel/utalással (Lloyds TSB, UK). Kérésre számlát is tudok adni. Tanár : Angliában élő, angol szakos tanár. 20 éves tanári gyakorlat. Referencia kérhető.


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